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VALETUDO RACKET is the most representative athletic expression of beach racket.  In 1997, Elias Zois, the creator and inspirational force behind it, organized the 1st beach racket tournament in Greece at Asteria Glyfadas, under the wing of ‘Leo Burnet’ and ‘TDK’ sponsorship, within the scope of World Track Championship sports, ‘ ATHENS  ’97 ‘. Indeed, this event became the landmark and starting point for the development of racket tournaments by the sea.

Upon completion of this specific tournament, it was reasonable that Zois be confronted with the problem of how to ‘track’ the ball, assess the score, standardize the rules and legitimize this distinctly unique sport. Noted, that the participating athletes were not ‘rivals’, but partners; something that had to be retained that way as part of the game’s philosophy.  

After extended meticulous research Zois, first thought, in 2001, that the recording of the speed of the ball could be achieved with the aid of technology, by installing a ‘tracking’ device in the middle of the court that would do just that, and would also  add the ‘flying’ balls as well as subtract  the ‘drops’. Following up on that thought, Zois , together with other people in the ‘field’,  made countless attempts to record, through a computer and the familiar ‘beep’ sound, the speed of the ‘hard’ balls, relying initially on the ‘human factor’ (someone had to press a key accordingly). For various reasons, however, the results didn’t live up to his expectations for ‘dependable accuracy’ and he withdrew.

Few years later, his dream was materialized when he thought to implement Doppler (radar) technology which proved to be the most reliable, economical and practical, (concerning transport, weight, etc.) tracking method of the ball’s movement. Finally, the successful results and distinctions of merit, for the establishment of this wooden- racket, beach sport are attributed to Elias Zois, originator of the ‘concept’ and inventor of the patented (all rights reserved), ‘radar ball tracking’ device and method,  and computer scientist George Chrisochoidi’s own, pioneering software .

Ironically, in the beginning almost all associations dismissed the ‘radar tracking’ method as ineffective…(probably, unaware of ‘Doppler’ technology).

Today, Valetudo Racket, although one year old only, constitutes the most reliable, authentic, athletic expression of racket by the sea, confirmed and documented by the constantly increasing number of participants, at the tournaments throughout the country. Something unprecedented indeed, considering ‘our times’..